This is what we do

Develop cutting edge software for all industries, no matter the size and designing industry changing products and experiences!

Pushing the envelope of what is commonly available is our mission. Founded in 2013 with the same goals and ideals as we maintain today in Terms of quality and commitment to our customers. Since then, we've worked with clients in industries such as online gaming, finance, manufacturing, wearables, assistive technologies, and more!

With every project we engage in, we put our full focus towards it by focusing on your project, and nothing else. We only have one project at a time, and schedule in our clients based upon their project goals and requirements. No matter what we build, whether it's providing specialized technologies for those in need, or creating a special event for STEM education, we're invested in the mission and causes of our clients wholeheartedly.

Quality through Communication

Ensuring that your project gets delivered with the utmost care and highest quality is our committment to you. We involve our clients in every step of the process to ensure that we're meeting their goals.

Instead of blackboxing our process, we involve you every step of the way, ensuring our deliverables are to your specifications, and when possible, giving prototypes to test in your environments.

Product Integrity

Security and Integrity of the products we produce is paramount. Our clients in critical industries rely on the security of our products and demand nothing short of perfection.

You can be confident that your software project is secure, only allowing your authorized systems to run it. This protection is handled by CodeMeter, an industry standard software licensing solution. You can opt for hardware based licenses, bound to special USB drives, or software based licenses, bound to a specific computer. All software we produce is digitally signed by our code signing certificate, this ensures that you can identify our software as genuine.


We depend on our partners to help deliver world class services to our clients.